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Choosing a Snapchat Username

Snapchat became a very popular application for video messages and sharing of photographs. However, choosing catchy snapchat usernames is getting harder as there are lots of users of the application. Snapchat users can record videos, take different photographs and add lots of effects like drawings or texts. The photographs or videos can be sent to the recipients of your choice. The videos and photographs are known as “snaps”, hence the name snapchat. Snapchat is also popular because of the self deleting photographs. There are some sources that say that there are almost one billion photographs that are being sent each day through this application.

In order to create a username, you must first download the application and sign up for an account. Adding people is very easy, and it is done by clicking on the search bar and picking from the list of names. Choosing a username might take some time, as there are lots of names that are taken, but you can find many username generators that can pick out the name for you. A combination of letters and numbers is the most common option, and everyone has a chance to pick a username that reflects the character or the personality of the person that is using the application.

Sending a snap photograph can be done after snapping a photograph with the camera. You also have options to add any type of text you want. It is very easy and it can be done in just a matter of seconds. After sending the videos or photographs you can set a time limit after which the photographs or videos will be self-deleted from the recipients` mobile phone. Pictures usually get deleted after just ten seconds from the reception.

Snapchat is extremely popular amongst the teenagers, who create the majority of the Snapchat users. Boys and girls equally use the application, but the females tend to change their usernames quite more often.

The main purpose of this application was to enable the users to send their genuine facial expressions instead of sending emoticons. That way their feelings would be expressed more originally. This application has a major advantage because ensures its users that their sent photographs or videos will surely get deleted in just a matter of seconds.

Common sense suggests that you should always be careful when sharing photographs with sensitive information. However, Snapchat is a very fun application through which you can share interesting, funny, embarrassing or even bizarre photographs, without having to worry that your photographs will end up somewhere on the Internet. Regarding the usernames, you can always pick an interesting username that you feel it reflects your personality or something else.

However, pick your username wisely as Snapchat will not allow you to change the username after you create your account. If you later change your mind and you want another username, then you must delete your account and create a completely new account with another Snapchat username of your choice.