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Nudes on Snapchat

Snapchat is a great little application that you can use to send pictures to anyone, and you can then set a timer for how long the person you're sending the pictures to can see them. Snapchat girls are easy on the eye, and if you're like most people, you'll enjoy it a lot. The main point is: don't overdo it. Don't start immediately by sending Snapchat nudes and then demand from the girl to do the same. Imagination is always much more powerful than the real thing. A picture where you are in a positive light, maybe showing off some of your physique (not all of it obviously) is perfect in most cases, for the beginning of the sexting. Then you can ease into sending and receiving sexier and sexier pictures, gradually. Notice that the keyword here is “ease in”. Be careful though, sometimes this can have a counter effect, and your partner might think you've overdone it. As mentioned, many people want to get right to it, and while it's not a bad thing to seek per se, it's just not how stuff works, especially with the ladies. But practice makes perfect and that it’s the best teacher that you can have. So try swapping nudes out for yourself, experiment a bit, and see the results.