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The Best Way of Sexting With Girls on Snapchat

As we all know, there's a new popular way to have sex with people, besides the original way of intercourse. And it's called Snapchat sexting! The best thing about it is that it can be had not only by people who have sex in real life, but by people who've never had it in reality. So it's a good way for you to "ease in" your partner via sexting into the real thing. But this doesn't mean that sexting comes natural or easy to everyone. Some are better than the others, true, but many can stand to learn a great deal about it via practice or by other sources. Here you can find a couple of tips you can use in order to improve your sexting experience with other people, and it's primarily targeted towards men.

Flirtation is key for the beginning

I know that nearly every male's dream is to just get right to it without the foreplay or the "cute words" or anything that seems unnecessary. But... this would be a mistake, as most of you know. Women can't just let themselves have sex with anyone. They have a prerequisite of checking out your social skills before deciding whether to invest in a sexual relationship with you. The same goes for sexting. So what's the game plan? You start out easily, by testing the waters, so to speak. You can ask her if she's up to anything, and if she'd like to know what you'd like to do with her. It's non-extreme and a much gentler way to ease into the interaction.

Ask, don’t just share.

What I mean by this is that you should ask the girl whether she likes something, rather than just telling her what would you do to her. “I’d grab your hair and give it to you from behind!” is a bit extreme in most cases, especially in the beginning. Opt out for something along the lines of “Would you like me to grab your hair and start pleasuring you?” Girls like this talk as it is both masculine and respectful to her at the same time. So if in doubt of something... ask. You’ll be amazed at the results.