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Social media is invading our society. Each day people constantly check their smartphones from when they wake-up until they go back to sleep. Of course, social network creators are making more money from millions of users joining each day. They come up with networks that soon become viral and everyone is talking about them, such as Snapchat which has been used since May 2012. SC is now one of the best apps around the world that lets people send photos and videos instantly with just a few actions, and also many people are downloading this app and learning to use it because friends, sexy girls, and more are signing up for a Snapchat username. Once a user sends a snap it appears on the phone it was sent to for between 1-10 seconds and then disappears. Since the app is meant to send self-destructing photos and videos, people who like sexting, take advantage of that and send horny messages and trade nudes online. Users can edit photos and draw on photos before sending them. If users add snaps to the story function their Snapchat friends can view it for 24 hours. Snap is processing approximately 150 million images per day. To find new friends, usernames can be shared on Snapchat friend finder sites or groups. Users can decide whether only people they have accepted as contacts can send them messages, or everyone. There is an iOS and Android version of the app available for free download and use with multiple accounts.