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Kik is a messaging app for smart devices such as smartphones, iPod touches, and tablets. Once the app is downloaded the user can send texts, ‘stickers', pictures, surveys, and videos to other Kik users free of charge (other than normal data costs) – which is one of the reasons it is popular with kids. Kik users have a username to identify them; they don't use their phone number. Some users share their usernames on other platforms like Instagram to continue the chat privately. Kik states that users must be 17 years or older. You may have noticed that lots of Instagram users list their Kik usernames in their bios. It's a big trend that is visible on lots of popular accounts. In just over two years, the Kik Messenger app grew into one of the best chat platforms you can get on a smartphone and supports over 4 million users, called "Kicksters".


  • Kik is used by a younger crowd, which means if you're young there's a good chance your friends have and use Kik.
  • The only messaging app that has a built-in browser, which means you can browse webpages while texting your friends.
  • Completely free, although some in-app purchases are optional.
  • You can photobomb your friends which is similar to Snapchat's disappearing pictures and videos.


  • Kik is geared more toward people in their twenties so if you're above 30 you may find some of the features and user base don't match what you're looking for.
  • More than other messaging apps, Kik seems to attract predators and inappropriate behavior. If someone asks you to do something you're not comfortable with telling someone immediately, block the person, and notify authorities.