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What is Kik Sexting?

A lot of you know about the new phenomenon called sexting. So much is clear. But do people know what sexting really is? The fact is that there are many misconceptions about sexting. So what is sexting? Sexting in its broadest essence means having sex over text. Many people think that sexting revolves around talking dirty via text. This is true, but it’s a bit more complicated than this. What sexting involves is stimulating your partners mind via words and picture in order to prepare them for the real thing. The true masters of sexting know that it good sexting isn’t contained in offensive sentences. They know that true sexting is not about the text, but about the emotions of the partner.

There are many platforms on which you can have the sexting experience with your partner. Kik sexting has become the norm recently, and many people use Kik in order to engage in the sexting experience. What is Kik? It’s a crafty little app that enables its users instant chat with other people all around the world. All you need is an internet communications device, access to the internet, Kik, and knowledge of a widely spoken language, such as English. And then you’re set.

But to be fair sexting has been here for a long time before the dawn of Kik. Practically it has been with us since the advent of smartphones. As you can see, many people are nowadays using the smartphones to communicate with other people predominantly, and some of us feel that normal texting might one day take over normal talking! But this isn’t to say that it’s something bad per se. Especially if you know how to use it to your benefit. So... normal talk is exchanged with SMS and instant messaging talk... and sex talk is exchanged with... sexting. There are benefits of this to be fair. Many people feel awkward and weird when thinking about talking dirty to people they’re attracted to in real life. This problem is no more if you introduce sexting. This is a non-committing, anonymous way in which you can share your dirty thoughts with other people. And no wonder it has become so popular recently! Women are a lot more likely to feel comfortable sexting than talking dirty in real life to be fair as well. And when you don’t use your voice there’s the added benefit of not having to worry about someone eavesdropping on you and your partner, which makes the experience better. Also, there are many emoticons you can use in order to share your emotions and what you feel with your partner. So it practically is in some ways even better than real life sext talk!

If you’re a man and you like to sext with a girl but don’t know how to start it off, then fear not, help is on the way. It’s actually pretty simple to start sexting with a girl. What you first need to do is to arouse an emotion in the girl, and then work from there. Try to implement some intrigue in your messages, or something suspenseful, perhaps something that will make her laugh. Once you’re there, it’s easy from then on. Just wrap the emotion in some sexual way in which you and the girl are the main characters, and enjoy the results this will bring in your sexting game. If you feel that the girls are “divine angels” and that they’re “pure in the heart”, so there’s no chance that she’ll ever talk dirty to you, and especially not via sexting – then you’re wrong! A lot of girls enjoy this practice even more than the real thing. The potential is great with sexting.

So there you have it, a nice little introduction to the art of sexting that you can use in order to get things going. There are a lot of finesses and little things you can improve upon in your sexting game, but these will get to you with nothing more than consistent practice. I’ve seen guys that have been horrible at the sexting game in the beginning, but after a month or two practice, they’ve started to succeed in pulling girls home via sexting ALONE. So don’t ever underestimate the potential that sexting has to improve your sex life. And of course, you needn’t perform sexting strictly for the purpose of having sex in real life. Some people enjoy sexting even more than real life! This can be tricky to comprehend for many people, but suffice it to say that sexting can become a hobby in and of itself, and you can perform sexting for no other reason than simply enjoying in it.