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Sexting on Skype

Many people agree that the best things in life are the simplest. Such is the case with Skype sexting. If you want your partner to think about you in naughty, sexual ways, then all you need to do is to grab your smartphone and send him a message or two. Sexting is a wonderful way in which you can express the dirty side of you while building up the suspense for the hot night to come.

There are many reasons for you to send your lover a sext, and the best of them tend to be foreplay. The foreplay is a crucially important part of any sexual encounter, but sadly it remains neglected by many people. The act of building up the suspense and tension will increase the satisfaction of the sex tenfold. This may escalate to the point of you grabbing your loved one with your hands, ripping his clothes off, and getting right down to it.

The best thing about it is to prepare for the hot night by sending your lover a sexy message that will predict the things to come later on. A message such as “I want to grab your hair and give it to you hard!” will do the trick most of the time. This will arouse your partner a lot. Words are immensely powerful, and they can leave a lasting emotional impression on other people. This will build up the tension in a powerful way. And only the imagination is the limit here. You can write practically whatever you like, and sometimes even extreme stuff can do the trick. You’ll want to act according to how far your relationship is in, and what you and your partner’s sex preferences are. And you should tell your partner anything that comes to mind. If you have some sexy underwear that you know he’ll appreciate, sext him you’ll wear them for him. If you want her to know that you’re going down on her tonight, then tell her that. If you just want to let off some sexual steam, then sext him or her on what you will do tonight. It’s just that simple.

So while you’re working in the morning, sext your partner something inappropriate. If lady luck is at hand, then the partner will respond, and the two of you will have a sexual conversation throughout the day that will escalate the sexual passion that’s happening between you, and it will culminate with a night of long, hot sex!

Other than that be sure to enjoy Skype sexting to spice up your sex life, as it has a huge potential in the improvement of both yours and your lover’s sex lives.