Kik Codes Are The Future

What are Kik Codes?

If you’re familiar with Kik, you might have noticed that the developers have now added a Kik Codes feature, which is similar to the Snapchat Code. Kik Codes make it so much more easier to add boys and girls on Kik. All you really have to do is go into settings within the Kik app, and then navigate to “Kik Code”, switch your camera by using the button located at the bottom of your phone screen. Once you’ve done all of that, point your camera towards your friends Kik Code and it will automatically scan it, and add your friend instantly on your Kik contacts list without the need of usernames.

Kik Code example

How do I find my Kik Code?

To find your Code on Kik, it’s really simple. All you have to do is go to your Kik settings, and tap on “Kik Code”. Once you’re on that screen, you’ll have access to your Kik Code, which you can then share with your close friends, family and maybe even strangers. Also, Kik groups also have their own unique code. To find your Kik groups code, you’ll have to be inside the actual Kik group chat, once you’re in there, tap on the Kik group name. Then you’ll be able to tap on “show Kik group code”. You’ll also be able to share it easily by tapping on the share option, which is located in the top right corner.

Kik girls

Kik Code tips and tricks!

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